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the new rollie egg vertical cooker

Most of time, I’m not really feeling up to cooking eggs early in the morning. It takes a lot of time and work; you have to use a pan, watch the eggs and make sure they do not burn, and then clean up the huge mess that is left behind. Usually you have to use [...]

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All About White Eggs

White eggs VS brown eggs

For many people, eggs are a food that is eaten on a regular basis, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are incredibly versatile, and are a great source of protein and many important vitamins and minerals. Eggs can be eaten on their own, such as with scrambled or fried eggs, or baked into [...]


Enjoy Homemade Egg Rolls

egg rolls

Egg rolls make great snacks, sides for with other Chinese dishes and even meals all on their own. However, not every person has ready access to a Chinese restaurant and many people simply don't enjoy those processed and heavily preserved store bought versions of this popular Chinese food. By learning to make your own homemade [...]

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How it Works

By now, you may have heard of the revolutionary vertical egg cooker. This fantastic product has made breakfast so much easier for thousands of families! With almost no effort at all, you and your family enjoy a delicious hot breakfast without having to slave over a hot stove or constantly flip eggs. What’s more, it [...]


Introducing The Vertical Egg Cooker

Rollie - Fast, Easy, Pan free

Click Here To Visit Official Site Slogan "HE FAST, EASY, PAN FREE WAY TO MAKE PERFECT EGGS EVERY TIME!" The company refers the main features of this product Vertical Cooking Technology that combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element Unique silicone grip Clean-up is a breeze At Official Site says that this [...]